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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  October 19, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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the baby was born by c-section. this is her third child. it's the final presidential debate before the election as controversy on the campaign trail continues to heat up. we're live in las vegas and we're joined by ktvu's political analyst. joe tuman >> a different take on food and wine pairings. we're live with silver oaks wine chef with new rules to consider. it's been a long time since i picked a song with a synthesizer in it. but i had to. the election season is wrapping up. 20 days to go until election day. a great picture of our backyard. the golden gate bridge. >> i feel like i should have a
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mullet after listening to that song. >> you should. >> people expected to gather to watch the final presidential debate. >> it will be a good one. back and forth. we're not sure if it will have an effect on the battle ground states. there's a lot of them out there, sal, in regards to whether or not voters will be listening to donald trump and to hillary clinton and what they say tonight or maybe like myself, i've already voted, maybe i won't be watching the debate as closely as i should be. >> caroline is in las vegas and has a little more on what we can expect tonight. hello, caroline. o, caroline. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yeah. donald trump and hillary clinton, an incredibly important night for them as they face off for the final time in sin city. let the political chips fall where they may. donald trump and hillary clinton set to battle here in las vegas. the third time that they are
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meeting on the debate stage. >> the second debate wasn't all that meaningful. i guess you wouldn't expect the third debate would ma enthat much to the polls. who knows. maybe something out of the ordinary happens that does cause a shift in the race. >> reporter: clinton coming into the contest ahead of trump. a fox news poll shows the democratic nominee holds a 6- point lead over her rival. both campaigns are dealing with controversies ahead of the debate. >> we already know we're up against an avalanche of anti- trump media. fine. but that means that opportunities like a debate allows him to bring it to the people and through the noise. >> he has the opportunity tonight to deflect in ways that he she hasn't in the last two debates and return to the issues that matter most to us around the kitchen table. we have heard enough about trump and not about us. >> reporter: the debate will run for 09 minutes without
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commercial breaks. fox news sunday anchor chris wallace is moderating and has set forth six subjects of discussion that includes immigration. donald trump will make his walk through the debate hall in a couple hours. hillary clinton isn't expected to do a walk-through. for the past two debates, she sent an aide to do that for her. that is what we're expecting tonight. >> thank you, caroline. joe, we haven't seen much of hillary clinton on the campaign trail the past few days. i assume she is studying up. >> yes. >> but donald trump is saying we don't see hillary around. >> you have two people. mrs. clinton does her homework and mr. trump is more of a spontaneous guy and tweets and gives speeches. from her perspective, she would like to bring this back to the discussion of why to vote her and not just against donald trump. that means getting into a discussion about policy. for mr. trump, i think it
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behooves him -- nevada, by the way, which is a state up for grabs, is a state that cares very much about immigration and economic issues. and the live audience there which will include my brother, he is a faculty member at unlv and the rest of the state will be watching carefully. most of the people in the hotel and casino business know mr. trump. they care about immigration. this may be a place to get in and discuss it. that's a battle ground state. both of them have dipped into the vote against the other person too often. so the debates have been about attacking the other person. the question is, cannot -- not about them not giving into the impulses, but can chris wallace focus them back on policy and will he do that tonight. >> do you think their advisors, especially mr. trump, have told him to stick to something or have they given up in preparing him? he is going to do what he
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wants? >> i think some of his advisors tell him to do that. and i'm talking about miss conroy who is the campaign manager. trump tends to veer that direction. and ultimately it has been self destructive for the campaign. he has helped hillary clinton i am immeasurably. it is important to remind voters that six of the 11 battle ground states are still up for debate. for a question on policy, one of trump's possibilities with voters has to do with trade policy. he was making a play in what we call west belt states. two of those states have gone decidingly towards mrs. clinton. one is up for grabs. a lot of it may have been off
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set by the scandal of the tapes that were released last week. >> the last couple weeks when it comes to donald trump lashing out at the news media, accusations of sexual harassment, criticizing the speaker of the house, saying that the electoral system is rigged. are these point that's hillary clinton goes after directly or does she take a step back and speak primarily to the country and not go -- not even mention donald trump by name because she feels she has a comfortable lead and she will look more presidential and look ahead. >> that is a very good question. does she step back and make it more about the bigger picture. that is what she is doing in those states outside of the debate context. she is spending money in utah and texas. and she is banking on the fact that mr. trump's alienation of other republicans in the party will force his voters, core
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supporters, the people who mrs. clinton called the deplorables, to punish the republican candidates. in a sense she is already doing that. she is thinking about winning the race and trying to build a majority in the congress as well. i suspect you will get some of that tonight. remember mr. trump, even in this format, even with a veteran moderator with chris wallace will indulge his impulse to be personal about this and beat her up on the e- mails and bring back the sex scandal allegations about her husband into this and question her judgment. i think as that happens she will make it about his temperament again. >> but if donald trump has a perfect debate and comes across well, he could get some of the battle ground states. six of the 11 states are up for grabs. it's a small, shrinking number of voters. if he manages to effectively change the subject, to try to reengage the public, for example, on trade, and to soft enhis i think very harsh criticism of her and makes it
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about what he intends to do for the country, both need to do this, that would give the public something to vote for and not someone to vote against. that would be unique. >> californians have already started voting, as have others around the country. how important is this debate in that sense? >> well, california if you want to start there is an interesting state because a lot of people expect that mrs. clinton will win this state handily. i talked to a number of voters in the last two weeks who have said i'm not going to vote for her, i'm going to help for another person to help them get money. >> because they at this think -- because they think it's in the bag. you need to worry about that. the way that mrs. clinton loses this race is having poor voter turnout. you already have a number of millennials that she has written off but is beyond the
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hope of persuading them. >> i have seen people tweeting about bernie sanders by the way. just the other day. >> real quick, what about this rigged election thing? a lot of democrats and republicans are saying if he continues to do this, it is dangerous for the country. do he think he will do it again tonight. >> that's a good question. that is a part of mike's question that i didn't answer. let me answer both now. i think it is risky to do this because it invites sort of a narrative with the country that we're not the democracy we pretend to be and can't hold ourselves out as an example to other countries if we don't model it here. it is destructive. and it feeds into the damage that has been done with the wikileaks disclosures and hackers trying to manipulate the system. i think those systems are all bad. that are where you will get a response to mrs. clinton. but she will link it back to the russian hackers. when trump says these things, he is telling his voters, i'm
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going to lose the race. which is dumb for his campaign in some ways because he is discouraging them from voting. he should say i want to win this, vote. that's the way that democracy works. >> thank you, joe, for your participation in this ongoing conversation. you can watch that debate right here on ktvu at 6:00. we will be live streaming it on as well as the ktvu mobile app and on our facebook page as well as youtube pages. >> the conversation continues in the form of our question of the day. it's about the final matchup between the two presidential candidates. this morning we asked you earlier on mornings on 2, what haven't you seen or heard in the first two debates that you want to see in tonight's debate. so many people talking to us. michelle says i want to hear answers to the questions instead of constant attack on the other candidate. >> i would love to see hillary be asked questions that she
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hasn't received ahead of time. >> a candidate worthy running our country. tongue in cheek there. >> we will check your responses throughout the morning and share them with you at 9:30. the hashtag is #ktvu. we are getting ready for basketball season. coming up later in the newscast, what are the warriors chances of winning another title? a fire breaks out in a home in san jose overnight. look at the flames. how neighbors helped the people trapped inside escape.
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>> it is the 25th anniversary of a start of a fire that raged
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through the east bay hills. >> 25 people were killed and more than 3,000 homes destroyed on october 19th, 1991. firefighters put out a small fire near the tunnel but it reignited and overwhelmed fire crews the next day. strong gusty winds, communication problems and power outages complicated the work for firefighters. the flames spread quickly. and that made it difficult for people living in the hills to get down those narrow roads to safety. >> i know so many of us remember that fire. i have to mention real quick, tomorrow we're going to bring on ktvu's rob who has an incredible story how he was covering the fire fight. his life was saved by a firefighter who went in and didn't come back out. >> i have heard the story a couple times. every time he tells it, it's like the first time. >> if you haven't heard it, we will be telling it tomorrow at
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9:00. the tesla ceo is launching a product that he says is unexpected. he tweeted that he needed more time to work on refinement. it's not clear if that was to the product or to the announcement. there's been a lot of online talk about what the announcement will be. many are guessing a tesla truck, ride sharing service. >> tesla says the first deliveries of the model 3 sedans are on schedule. tesla is warning customers they won't get their cars until the middle of 2018 or later. they have reported reservations and $1,000 deposits from more than 370,000 customers. they have those already, i should say. tesla has promised to produce half a million model 3s by the end of 2018. today san francisco's mayor ed lee will honor first responders who helped out after
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a boat capsized on the bay during fleet week. the marine unit, coast guard and police and fire agencies all jumped in to help. 30 people were on the boat when it capsized and sank on october 8th. 8 people were taken to the hospital. the boat was overloaded and only should have been carrying 12 people. they are investigating what led to the sinking. a fire badly damages a home in the south bay. >> but the family was able to make it out thanks to the quick- thinking neighbors. >> janine de la vega has an update from the scene of the fire. >> reporter: yeah. in the last hour, the family came home to look at the damage here. it's an elderly couple. their middle aged son and a teenage granddaughter who owned the car that is now burned. you can see the destruction here. they had to board it up. we asked the son, do you have any idea what might have started this fire? and he pretty much mumbled, yeah it was an accident. and then he didn't want to say anymore. take a look at this video from
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last night. the flames were huge. this happened at 11:00. when firefighters pulled up to the home, it was fully engulfed. it was spreading throughout the home on hillsdale avenue. the roof collapsed and it turned into a 3 alarm fire. firefighters were told that four people were trapped. but all of those people got out safely. one witness talked about how a neighbor helped. >> he hopped the fence and ran back there with a few other people. there were elderly people in the back of the house. he pulled them out and brought them out to the street. the homeowner was laying here in the street. i guess he had crawled out from the garage when it blew up. he was cut up and he had glass on his face and stuff. >> reporter: multiple neighbors have told us they feel suspicious activity was happening inside the garage. but fire officials have not determined a cause yet. one neighbor talked to the son
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who was living there in the garage. >> he dropped a cigarette on the couch. and i was like oh, okay. and then i ran down here. but i don't know if i believe that. >> why do you say that. >> just from the activity that has come along in the past years of cops coming to the house, doing welfare checks, all that kind of stuff. we kind of new -- everybody was like it was a matter of time unfortunately. but there was nothing that we could do. >> reporter: a fire investigator is suppose today come out here later today to look at the damage and see what may have started the fire. neighbors are really hoping to get answers. and a lot of them that we have spoken to this morning say they are grateful that this fire did not spread to their homes. back to you. >> those are good neighbors. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, we continue to follow developments after a shooting happened outside of a san francisco high school that injured four students. coming up, what is different today than it was yesterday and
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reaction from administrators. he is the son of ozzy osbourne as well as a tv and film producer. up next, we're live with jack ozbourne and his mission to bring awareness inform multiple sclerosis. because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians... every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes...
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is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56.
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>> jack, the son of ozzy osbourne and tv personality sharon ozbourne was on the osbournes. >> jack also lives with multiple sclerosis and is raising awareness in you don't know jack about ms. jack is joining us live this morning. good morning, jack. >> and morning. >> this hits home for me. i have a family member who was diagnosed with ms a few years ago. in a strange way since your diagnosis, do you think that changed you for the better? >>
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i think it actually changed me for the better for sure. yeah. it focused me. it was like, okay, you've got this -- here is this big lump of bad news. here is what could happen. for me, i turned that around. i was like, all right, i need to prioritize my life and get focused and just be the best kind of father and husband and son that i can be. >> jack, a lot of people don't know about ms. mike has a family member who has it. so he might know more. but the average person who may not have someone in their family or know someone, what is it that we don't know about ms? >> i think it's not necessarily -- there's a lot that the mainstream don't know about ms. there's a lot that scientists still don't know about ms. for me, i think it comes down to misconceptions. i think the broad kind of thought about ms is that, oh, you get diagnosed with this
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disease and you most likely will end up in a wheelchair. although that does happen, the likelihood is now, you know, less and less. especially because there are so many treatments now available. you know, versus ten years ago, there was nothing. now there's like 11 or so different treatments, which is fantastic. >> are you attacking this with the same kind of rock and roll, that attitude, that -- i read so many dry articles on ms. it almost makes your head spin. are you trying to educate us in a different way? dare i say in an almost fun way? >> absolutely. i mean, i -- i like to learn through having fun. and so that's kind of what we like to sprinkle in to the campaign. when i got diagnosed a few years ago, i spent a lot of time online, you know, reading articles, going from different web page to web page and kind of getting lost in the, you know, in the medical terms and
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the mundane, like you're saying. so for me, starting this campaign was kind of born out of passion. i was like, wait, where is the website that is going to teach people, is going to cut through all of the noise and really make digestible content? and, you know, i was fortunate enough to partner up with neuro science and we came up with that. we pooled our resources and we would make these webisodes that focus on various subjects related to ms. some having to do with me and others with other individuals living with ms. we have now got quite a few episodes with doctors really explaining stuff pretty simply. and, yeah, it's easy to digest information. i like to say it's ms-101. >> nice. jack, what would you tell people in the bay area living with in. s who decide to keep it a secret and don't share it with their close friends or maybe even family members?
9:25 am
>> i mean, i get it. i get why a lot of people do that. because there are so many misconceptions around the disease. you know, i experienced negative kind of blow back from when i first started telling people. i lost a job because of it. and so i completely understand why there is that need to keep it on the dl. but, you know, times are changing. and i think the more people who educate themselves as to what the disease is all about, the better it will serve. and also the more people that know someone -- you've got to get it out there. and hopefully this is a disease that won't exist in 15, 20 years. >> we're watching you go to the doctor's office and get tests. is it too personal to ask, how are you today? >> i'm doing really well. you know, i -- i got diagnosed relatively young. and i went on a treatment really quickly.
9:26 am
so for me, you know, it kind of seems like the progression has slowed down right now. i haven't had a significant symptom in quite some time. i'm good. i'm still pretty high functioning. i do cross fit three times a week. >> wow. >> and i surf and climb and hike. i'm mobile. i'm very fortunate. that's certainly not the case with everyone. i spend a lot of time with my family, which helps. >> you're active out there fighting ms and get out the word out about it. you don't know jack about ms. i love it. >> we appreciate your time. >> thank you very much. thank you. >> we have more information on about jack's webisod es. you will also find it on our mobile app. coming up, he has a uniform, handcuffs and even a real radar gun. meet the 5-year-old kid cop who
9:27 am
is helping catch speeders in his own neighborhood. an eye catching piece of art meant to empower women. more on the statue on display rightner the -- right here in the east bay.
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♪[music] >> welcome back, everyone, to the 9. we're checking the twitter feed. we had the question tied to the presidential debate. what haven't you seen in the first two debates that you want to see in tonight's debate. i would like the candidates to focus on the issues. how will they bring forth change in america. in personal insults or drama. >> interesting. kevin wants to hear a dignified courteous exchange. and his hashtag is pipedream. >> two new principal participants. you're not going to get that,
9:30 am
paul. >> no. >> as always, we had a lot of these. you can always hashtag us with ktvuthe9. we read them. >> let's bring in our meteorologist steve paulson. this background behind us is so pretty when the golden glow is there and the water is blue. >> not a cloud in the sky. >> that's right. >> pretty cool for some. upper 30s. it doesn't take long once you get the first rain. is there another rain on the way? yes. but not for a couple of days. mid-70s, upper 70s. a little bit of an off shore breeze kicking in. that is giving nice conditions over to the coast. be advised it will be sunny and warmer. over at santa cruz, it will be about 80 today. looks good through friday and saturday. clouds increase on sunday. it looks like rain monday. >> better to know now. >> yes, rain. >> thank you, steve. one of the four students shot yesterday at a san
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francisco high school is still in the hospital this morning. >> allie rasmus is joining us live at the small public school where this happened. >> police are still searching for the shooter as students are back on campus. allie. >> reporter: yes. 8:15 is when classes resumed here at the school in san francisco. you can see some of the district officials talking with a police captain. there are 250 kids that go here. we don't know how many returned here, a day after four students were shot in the parking lot. we asked the principal what attendance was like and she hadn't done a count yet. it happened around 3:15 yesterday, just as school was getting out. police are looking for four shooters, males wearing dark clothing who opened fire. four students were shot. a teenage girl and three boys were injured. the principal says that all students are in good condition and, quote, good spirits.
9:32 am
one of the teachers is worried about what this means for the future of the school. >> i am concerned that it will become a devisive issue in the school district and the larger school system. >> this morning, students were out early writing messages of support for their fellow students out on the pavement of the high school. the principal says that students will be writing cards and letters of support to the shooting victims today. overall, it has been difficult to get a sense how students and parents feel about what happened. because school officials and staff members have been telling parents not to talk to the media. instead the district brought out a couple students to talk to us but cut that short. this is what happened when we asked what a student heard during the shooting. >> i didn't hear the gunshots.
9:33 am
but i was ready to leave the school and i seen everybody running. >> i need to borrow her. thank you. thank you. >> reporter: now, police don't believe this was a random attack but at least one of the students shot had been targeted. school administrators say they're going to have extra police out here today. and also counselors on hand to talk to anyone who feels like they need to help process what happened out here yesterday. but, again, latest information from police is that they have made no arrests and they're still looking for as many as four shooters responsible for what happened out here yesterday. back to you guys. >> thank you, allie. >> for more on some of the other headline that's we have been working on, let's go to dave clark. >> thank you, sal. here are some of the top stories we're following this morning. counselors in marin counting teachers and students traumatized by the deadly crash yesterday morning that killed three young men. we reported on tuesday that a 2013 toyota corolla that investigators say was speeding
9:34 am
went off the road at sir francis drake boulevard and slammed into a power pole. an off duty park ranger first spotted the crash. the crash victims were an 18- year-old of novato who was driving. the passengers were brothers, a 20-year-old and an 18-year-old. there will be autopsies performed. investigators don't know yet if drug or alcohol were factors if the crash. all three men went to sir francis drake high school. the student who knew the brothers were devastated. >> it's just been about giving a moment of silence to the family. because i mean, it's hard enough to lose one child. when you lose both of them together, it's -- i can't even imagine how they must be feeling. >> now school district officials released a statement
9:35 am
saying the following. ng the following. it has been 50 years since the black panther party was founded right here in oakland. former members are gathering to recognize the legacy of the organization. fredericka newton, the widow of one of the co-founders, will be at the conference. she is one of the surviving members of the black panther party that sprang into life in oakland in 1966. she says images of the black panther party at that time showing young black men armed with guns don't really show what she feels is the reallyingas eof the party. >> feeding people in this very park and registering people to vote, making sure that seniors had a safe route to and from paying their bills and getting their groceries. a shoe factory to make sure that people had shoes on. this was the bedrock of the black panther party. >> now, the black panther party
9:36 am
grew in the 1970s into an international organization with chapters in 48 states. the black panther party 50th anniversary conference begins tomorrow. it runs through sunday with workshops and exhibits at the oakland museum of california and also at laney college. on saturday, a free rally and concert will be held at the plaza in downtown oakland. on sunday in the park in oakland, there will be a ceremony to dedicate bobby hutton grove. those are just some of your morning headlines from the news room. mike, sal, gasia, i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, dave. friends and family will gather tonight to remember miss flo. she was the victim of a home invasion robbery last month when she was severely beaten. she died in the hospital a month after the attack. zachary was arrested in
9:37 am
connection with the assault and faces an additional charge of murder. there will be a public viewing this evening. it will be held on second street in san jose from 5:00 to 9:00, again, tonight. her funeral service will be held at her church, st. paul missionary baptist church tomorrow morning. a sculpture of a woman is being used as a message to all that see t truth is beauty was lit up in purple in honor of domestic violence month. the artist says the statue is meant to empower women all over the world. >> reporter: her back arched just enough to stand tall, confident and proud to embrace the skin she is in. truth is beauty stands 55 feet high, visible to anyone coming or leaving san leandro. >> it needed to be in san leandro. it needed to be an iconic image of what is happening in san leandro and the focus on women and making a safe place for
9:38 am
women. >> reporter: imagine a world where women feel safe. that is the idea behind truth is beauty. her creator says a horrific childhood memory was the inspiration of the work of art. >> when i was 7 years old, my friend who was 9 years old was raped by a stranger outside of my house. my mother told me about it. and it really shocked me. >> reporter: he says nothing was ever done and no one was ever held accountable and it created a wound so deep that he could never let it go. >> i thought if i could show women as people, even though they're nude, it might help. >> reporter: it took 14,000 hours. truth is beauty came alive and has been resinating with women like deborah aosta. >> i remember when i was raped at knife point at the bart station, i was met with disbelief by the police department and my mother.
9:39 am
>> reporter: truth as beauties stands as a monument for cultural economic change in san leandro. >> truth is beauty. be your truth. it is beautiful. >> reporter: in san leandro, ktvu fox 2 news. >> school bells may be ringing a little later at schools in marin county. >> that's right. because the two biggest school districts in the county are looking to start classes later in the morning. >> they say students would be productive if they got more sleep. alex savage is joining us live with what is being discussed. >> reporter: a lot of research tends to show that students can focus better in the classroom when they get extra rest. now there is talk in marin county, a couple of districts looking at the possibility of starting classes a little later. we are outside of san raphael high school. can you believe that some students show up at 7:00 in the morning. the bulk of the kids come at 8:00 for the first bell.
9:40 am
that's when the 1st period gets underway here. district administrators here are considering the possibility of pushing back start times by at least a half hour. the novato unified school district also considering something similar right now. some of the high schoolers start classes as early as 7:15 in the morning. medical experts tend to think that middle schools and high schools should start at 8:30 a.m. or later because teenagers who get more sleep usually get better grades. students that we talked to this morning seem on board with starting classes late. >> because we get a lot of homework and a lot of people do sports. so with those together, we have no time at all. >> also i think just the high school experience is to have a social life. and then just to pile more homework and take ap and honor classes and do extracurricular activities is ridiculous. >> reporter: and something to
9:41 am
consider in all of this is when you start the school day later in the morning, of course that means that the day ends later for a lot of the students and there are athletic coaches who are concerned about how that would impact after school sports programs. you also have to consider the extracurricular activities being impacted as well later in the day. right now nothing set in stone. over in the novato unified school district, they have formed a committee called the later start committee to kind of look at some of the options here, think about how much later to push back the start times. this is something that could be coming down the road. i talked with a representative of the is san raphael city school district. she says this is early on in the process, in its infancy. >> thank you, alex. >> um canning up on mornings on 2 the 9, one half of a music
9:42 am
power couple is getting more than just a little political. what jay z has to say about an important issue facing voters in california this november. a different take on food and wine pairing. look at that glass. we learn more from the silver oak winery when we return.
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she saw the boots and fell for fall all over again. was she expecting to find the perfect designer boots at such an amazing price? no. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it.
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>> a service dog in training is getting a lot of love on social media. here is the photo of a woman who goes by cutie chaser on twitter. it has been shared 50,000 times so far. yahoo is sitting patiently as an artist draws his picture.
9:45 am
he was taken to disney land to practice skills with patience and paying attention in crowded areas that he will need when he goes to work. disneyland is a commonplace for service dogs to go to practice. earlier this year, another video of a dog with pluto went viral. little oliver spends his day wearing a police uniform, riding his tiny police motorcycle. he has hours of police training after spending time with police officers in his up to. he has a real radar gun and he uses it to catch speeders. >> some days they're speeding. today i only found one car speeding. i try to yell slow down, but i can't. because i don't -- i keep for getting forgetting to. >> he has tickets to hand out and collects a fine right there
9:46 am
and then. it's not hundreds of dollars, just a kiss on the cheek. when he grows up, he wants to be a real police officer. >> usually when you throw a party, you pick the food and then the wine. what about making your food fit your drink of choice. >> i'm here with chef dominique the chef at silver oak winery in napa valley. i'm jealous of your job. >> you should be. >> we should be swap one day. >> come up to the winery any time and i'll get you in the kitchen. probably washing dishes. >> i can do dishes. you have to start there and go to the wine and beyond. let's talk about the food pairing. sal kind of mentioned it. >> yeah. sometimes when i'm at home or my wife is cooking, we will pick the food and wine. >> thanks for having me. it's a different approach if you start with the food first. i suggest you start with the wine. you have more of a variety to choose from. imagine you're going to the grocery store and you have the
9:47 am
long wine aisle, there's only so much wine that you can choose from. choose the one that you like. when you pick your food, you have a wide variety to choose from. you want to start with your protein. you want to balance your salt, your fat in your food. at silver oak as a winery chef, i get to cook every day with the silver oak wine. >> if you're a chef at a winery, you are cooking every day. >> i cook with wines on a daily basis. we have wine pairings that we do daily. one of the joys is i get to demystify the experience for our guests. we basically walk our guests through this. what they will do is pick up the glass, taste the wine. taste the appetizers and then go right back to the food.
9:48 am
>> i see the oyster here. >> yes. we have our blanco on left there. we paired an oyster with there. and so we have chosen to pair an oyster. not just a straight-up oyster. it is has ginger and sesame oil on top of that oyster. i find pork and pinot to be a great combination. then we go to our silver oak where we paired a mushroom risotto. that is one of those untraditional pairings. it is a vegetarian dish. think about a glass of cabernet. let's say that you want something lighter than a steak. we have taken the risotto and put in mushrooms. there's earthiness and salt. >> do you cook by seasons.
9:49 am
>> i do. >> everything. >> exactly. >> well, so we have gardens on the property. so everything that we use to pair is grown on the property that we use. about 90% of every vegetable on the plate at the winery is grown there as well. >> you brought in a cook book and it talks about the journey of your life. you grew up on the east coast and made your way to napa valley. >> yeah. take me through that process a little bit. >> i made my way to northern california when i was at the culinary institute of new york. >> can i have the oyster too. >> dig in. taste the wine and then the oyster and then back to the wine be. >> while i was in my wine class, i learned all about napa valley and how it was on the world stage of wines. i thought that is a great place for a chef to make a career. i headed here after culinary school and fell in love with northern california and sonoma county.
9:50 am
through loving it, that was back in '96, i spent my career there. i made my way over to napa and worked at wineries throughout. how is that oyster. >> it is absolutely brilliant. i love oysters. >> in 2008 when i started at silver oak cellars, i was the first chef in the history of the winery. when we started doing what we do, these ideas and these seeds started planning in my head about awoke that i wanted to do-- about a book that i wanted to do. i talked about autumn time and what is happening in our vineyards. >> some people there's a little hate with silver oak but in the end they love the wine. a lot of people do that. why? >> i can't say why they love to hate. but silver oak wines are a legendary brand. its a family owned wine produced since 1792.
9:51 am
all of our cabernet are aged for two years. >> that's what separates you from french oak and american oak. >> that's right. >> oyster is great. i'll probably have another one unless sal is interested in an oyster. >> gasia, now is your chance. >> i have been enjoying myself listen to you guys. >> so come on in. >> come on in. >> we do have some of the recipes for you from the cook book on look for them under the mornings on 2 cab. also find it on our mobile app. chef dominique, congratulations. >> thank you. >> we will be right back after the break. >> this one. >> breakfast is served. >> gasia, you have to try the oyster. >> i enjoyed watching you enjoy the oyster.
9:52 am
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9:54 am
>> rapper jay-z and governor newsome is joining together to promote proposition 64. jay-z call it's an epic fail. there say shorter one minute video that is encouraging people to vote for the measure. newsome thanked jay-z for quote your strong voice for social justice and cocreating this yes on 64 video. this month all san jose firefighters are wearing bright pink shirts for a good cause. it is breast cancer awareness month. we caught up with firefighters wearing them. something they have been doing for more than ten years. this year for the first time
9:55 am
they're selling special edition san jose fire department t- shirts for men and women to raise money for the pink fund to support breast cancer patients. >> it really shows that we're taking a stand. we're standing with our san jose pd brothers and everyone else. this affects us on a personal level and professional level. >> the t-shirts can be bought at class tick car wash in san jose and campbell. >> the planning commission in santa cruz will meet tomorrow night to discuss a proposal for two amusement park rides at the board walk. they want to build the typhoon and shock wave that simulates surfing and skateboarding. if all goes well, they should open up next summer to con side with other park improvements at
9:56 am
the board walk. the sharks took an early lead when carlton scored his first goal of the season. joe scored the econvenienttial game winner with two seconds left. there will be a rematch with the penguins tomorrow night. the start of a new nba season is less than a week away. warriors are expected to reclaim the nba title. nba released the poll of general managers. and the warriors and cleveland cavaliers received 97% of the votes when gms were asked to pick the western and eastern conference champions. 96% picked the cavs in the finals. call it a round 3. general managers did not pick steph curry to win the mvp. they picked lebron james. they have a preseason game in
9:57 am
san diego tonight. if you're struggling for something to wear, check this out. can you read? it says the dray area's finest. very nice. his new shoe is available at foot locker. >> mine is already in my car. >> i'm going to wear it tomorrow. >> and i'm on board with another nba title right here in the bay area. thanks for watching. >> we're going to go over towards the wine. >> and another sip of pinot. we will see you at noon. maybe.
9:58 am
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